Digital Planner

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Complete Digital Planning System - The planner you'll actually use!

If you have a tablet with pencil, then this digital planner  is for you! You can have the full functionality of a planner on your tablet! They've been a total game changer in my personal planning and I can't wait for you to get your hands on them. 

Included with our Sweet Life Digital Planner:
  • Daily Habit Trackers
  • Calendar views for each month with links to each weekly and daily layout
  • A page per day plus a week on 2 pages - you get to enjoy both without adding any bulk to the planner
  • Individually numbered pages for fast reference and indexing.
  • Simple system of links to help you quickly navigate throughout the planner.
  • Add additional document scans, images, or even extra page templates throughout the document without fear or “breaking” the internal document page links.

Want to find out more? Check out Laura and Tasha's video about the digital planner!

The digital planner requires a tablet, a tablet pencil, and a PDF annotation app. We recommend the GoodNotes app for iPad and the Xodo app for Android.
We do not recommend using the digital planner with a Kindle Fire or a smartphone at this time.