Organize Your Digital Life

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  • Have you forgotten important emails buried in your inbox?  
  • Are your devices running out of storage? 
  • Are your photos too disorganized to use and enjoy?
  • How many times have you sheepishly replied to an email weeks after your received it?
  • Are you frustrated you can't find a recipe again once you close the tab? 
  • Have you clicked "forgot password" more often than you care to admit? 
  • Are you tired of misplacing files you saved "somewhere" on your computer? 

There is hope for your hard drive!!  

In this course we’ll tackle the eight culprits of digital clutter. Each module will cover a different aspect of digital organization. You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success by putting an effective system in place, once and for all. Then I’ll teach you how to maintain the system you created. Here’s what we’ll cover