List Building Academy

List Building Academy

  • $297.00

Before I started my business, I spent two years reading, researching, and analyzing other highly successful entrepreneurs. I wanted to duplicate their level of success in my own business. What I found was that almost all of them relied heavily on their email list to bring in steady revenue. Occasionally, bloggers would share some of their list building strategies, but I couldn’t find anyone or any course that would really lay it all out step-by-step for me.

To help me make money from my blog, I bought a handful of comprehensive classes that covered many different aspects of blogging. But that wasn’t what I needed.

To excel, I needed to focus on the one area that would bring me the biggest results with the least amount of time - building my list.

These blogging and business courses barely scratched the surface of what is possible with a thriving email list. I didn’t want to invest a huge chunk of time and money in a course that covered a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t even need. I wanted a program that focused on list building.

I searched for answers on Google and in Facebook Groups. Although I noticed that almost every successful entrepreneur claimed their e-mail list was their number one reason for success, none of them gave step-by-step instructions on how to repeat their success...until now!!

I'm ready to show you how I did it, and how you can too!

PLUS when you purchase this course you will receive...

  • How to Create Your Own Printables Workshop
  • In depth instruction on how to use ConvertKit, the list management software I’ve used to grow my list to 60,000+, and take a look inside my ConvertKit account to see how I did it
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group where you can get help from me, plus support and feedback from other group members.