Sweet Life Blueprint

Sweet Life Blueprint

  • $97.00

 Do you have partly used planners lying around that you tried and abandoned?
Do you set new goals each year, but you’re lucky if they last until spring?
Are you struggling to make permanent, positive changes in your life?
Do you want to learn how to craft a plan that sticks all year long?
Then this is for you!
A Simple, 6 part framework to create a plan that really sticks!


What You'll Learn:

  • Where you should start when creating your plans (and it’s not what the experts tell you)
  • How to free up brain space by creating habits that run autopilot
  • How some popular goal-setting approaches set you up for failure and what to do instead
  • Why not taking time for reflection is actually holding you back from your goals
  • Why you’ll never find the perfect planning system (and why that’s actually a good thing)
  • The problem with failure and why you’re probably looking at it all wrong

Here’s the thing: all that popular planning advice from the so-called gurus doesn’t actually work for us busy moms, does it?

You probably think (just like I used to) that you’re just not trying hard enough or that you’re just not disciplined enough. But that’s not true!! You just need the right information about how to create a planning system that sets you up for success instead of failure from the get-go.